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Featured Speaker and Workshop Leader

Additionally she has addressed issues of universal concern, and several that specifically address the health and welfare of women, of mothers, and children and families. She has been a featured speaker and workshop leader in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia on these, and other topics, some of which are as follows:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
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  • The Consciousness of Women, It's Role in Woman's Health Issues.
  • Grief and its Fall Out.
  • Coping With the Dying and Death of Children and of Parents.
  • The Genetics and Biology of Free Will.
  • Beyond the Genome.

By invitation, the following speech was given to The World Forum at Cambridge University, St. John's College in August 2010 - "Taking Out the Violence; Promoting Peace by Expanding the Mind and Engaging the Soul of Humanity to These Possibilities."



On March 11, 2008 both The Today Show and the Evening News on NBC TV (U.S.A.) reported the wonderful story of the little boy, who five days after being injected with his own cord blood, which had been saved at his birth, was able to interact, talk, and walk for the first time in his young life. As an infant he had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and as time progressed had failed to achieve developmental milestones. With little hope for any improvement his parents, in conjunction with his doctors, opted to inject him with stem cells from his own cord blood.

Five days later he began to interact socially and smiled, talked and walked.

This apparent miracle is in fact a beautiful expression of the thrust and power of LIFE and restoration of its intended FORM and FUNCTION that resides within stem cells. What drives them to work their wonders are two as yet not fully understood or appreciated entities that control and direct LIFE itself. These are


In a sentence, the ability of stem cells to re-generate, re-engage and re-organize damaged structures of FORM and FUNCTION are directly dependant on the templates of Memories and the Energies that give life to and drive Body, Mind and Soul.

What happened in this case would appear to be a perfect example of how MEMORY and ENERGY in its multiplicity of overt and subtle frequencies cooperate in the creation and maintenance of form and function and what happens when these memories and energies are damaged.

Following is a brief resume of how these situations most likely play out.

All mature cells derive from stem cells and both are being constantly manufactured and replaced by successive generations. Within this context and in this case if cells that matured from stem cells operating in the early development of the fetus produced disorders diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy, while those produced later in pregnancy and stored in his cord blood restored more normal function, what was the difference between the two?

Obviously something happened early in the child's intra-uterine development to disable the cells engaged at that juncture in establishing normal (i.e. expected) form and function, while those created later in pregnancy escaped damage. In other words, in the first instance MEMORIES of what they were supposed to do were denied expression. In the second instance, the cells having escaped injury, were able to respond to the PRIMAL MEMORIES inherent in their ENERGY SYSTEMS and DNA received at conception and were able to operate normally. The result was the re-establishment of normal function.

Among several likely culprits in this scenario, one must look to the possible damaging and long term sequelae of procedures carried out during pre-natal care at times of great vulnerability to the developing fetus. High on this list are ultrasonograms, U.S.G.’s. They are routinely performed between 15 and 18 weeks of gestation, a time when cells are migrating from the NOTOCHORD, which is the primitive nervous system, to their intended destinations in the developing brain.

Recent studies have shown an association between sonograms taken during pregnancy and the subsequent occurrence of developmental abnormalities in the child. Earlier studies showed them to be meaningless in terms of immediate pregnancy outcomes. This being the case, why, other than for reasons NOT related to pregnancy outcome itself, is ultrasonography continued to be used? The question becomes critical because in order to get the image the USG waves slice through developing tissue, maybe cutting it and most certainly damaging it. Is this the possible answer not only in this particular case but also in the larger context of the significant increase in Learning, Behavior and other disabilities in children, and yes, autism as well, that has progressed in step with the increasing routine use of sonograms in pregnancy. Surely nothing compares with the urgency inherent in this question for it directly pertains to the wellbeing in Body, Mind and Soul of future generations.

Well designed and broadly based research is urgently needed to establish the safety or non safety of sonograms as routinely and currently used in prenatal care. More about this and related issues may be found in the books cited in this website, in particular Immunology of the Soul. There are as well other articles that may be found through search engines in regard to the relevant literature.

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