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Papers and Articles

Over 60 in Medical, Professional and other journals, inclusive of many subjects, examples are as follows:

  1. Expanding The Mind, Engaging the Soul.
    Paper presented at S.E.A.L. International Conference, Kings College, Canterbury, U.K., March 2001

  2. Using Light and Color in the Management of Learning and Behavioral Disorders in Children and as a means to Reduce Violence.
    Paper Presented at "Light 98", International Conference, Reading University, Reading, U.K. July 1998.

  3. Understanding and Healing the Scars on the Soul of Human-kind.
    Paper delivered at the annual meeting of the American Board of Neuro Linguistics, 1994 and subsequently at several other meetings to the present.

  4. Immunology of the Soul.
    Paper delivered at several meeting including the Center for Human Relations, Florida 1995, University of Michigan and other locations.

  5. The Sacredness of Memory.
    ANIMA. Vol. XVII No. 2 June 1993.

  6. Journeying with Children through Loss and Death and Dying.
    St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY 1993 and subsequently at other locations.

  7. Ecology and Mental Health.
    St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY 1992 and subsequently at other locations.

  8. Coping with the Ultimate Tragedy.
    First International Conference on Death and Dying of Children, Baltimore 1987

  9. IBID:
    Several Graduate Psychology Student Lectures and Workshops

  10. Pre-Natal Care & Peri-Natal Outcome.
    A Review of the World Literature, 1964-1980 (504 articles). Prepared for the Select Community on Child Health, (Congressional Committee) and the National Peri-Natal Association, 1980.

  11. Regionalization of Services for Mothers and Children.
    North Carolina Public Health Association, 1979.

  12. Infant Survival Differentials in the City of Toronto.
    Canadian Family Physician, 1970.

  13. IBID:
    In Regional Services in Reproductive Medicine. The Joint Committee of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada and the Canadian Pediatric Society, 1971.

  14. IBID:
    In Social Stratification, Canada; Curtis and Scott, 1978.

  15. Groupes Humains en Danger.
    Medicine et Hygiene 26. 1156-1158, Geneva, Switzerland, 1968.

  16. The Incidence and Significance of High-Frequency Deafness in Children.
    American Journal Disease of Children 113. No. 5, 1967.

  17. Progress and the Virtue of Non-Adjustment.
    Journal Of International Health, 1967.

  18. The Medical, Social, and Educational Implications of the Increase in Out-of-Wedlock Births.
    American Journal of Public Health 56 No. 11, 1966.

  19. High-Risk Groups- Definition and Identification.
    New England Journal of Medicine 273, 308-313, 1965.

  20. The Future Role of the Health Department in Medical Genetics.
    American Journal of Public Health 55, No 6 1965.

  21. Reading Disability- What Should the School Physician Look For in Determining Its Causation.
    The Journal of School Health 35, No 4 1965.

  22. An Outline of the Factors to be Considered and the Scope of Services that Can Be Rendered in a State Program of Maternal and Child Health Paper.
    Prepared for Dr. James MacIntosh, former Dean of the London School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and incorporated by him in his book on the History of Public Health, written when he was Distinguished Visitor at the Millbank Foundation in New York, 1961-63.


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