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Dr. Ursula Anderson

Her most recent books have a short synopsis below and a more detailed synopsis available by clicking on the book cover or on the link after the short synopsis.

Who and Where is God
The Search that has Led Humanity to Violence

Published by Infinity Publishing Company
1094 New Dehaven Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, 19428, USA

ISBN: 0-7414-4007-5

Available at Amazon.com and Infinity Publishing

Religious texts and scriptures inform us that greed and jealousy are the root causes of personal and inter-personal conflicts. Undoubtedly they also factor into the violence and wars between nations. However, history tells us that more often than not these conflicts have resulted from differences in the belief systems of culture and religion wherein each side believes they are fighting on behalf of God and in God's name. Yet, the basic tenets of all religions claim that God is the source of ALL life, love and compassion; If so, it follows that God is equally everywhere in all religions and cultures. By the very nature of this universality God is precluded from playing favorites in such life and love denying and damning conflicts, the fallout from which is the dimming of the devine and the fully human in both individuals and humanity at large.

Up to and including the present time, quelling such violence and wars has focused on conquest of the perceived enemy or infidel by military and/or economic means. Likewise prevention has focused on deploying so called peace-keeping forces such as those from the U.N. which in fact comprise militia from other countries.

Such activities will never bring peace because the differing beliefs and religions and cultures are deeply embedded in the energies of trans-generational memory and consciousness of their followers. Indeed they are the ignition to their rituals, behaviors, attitudes and reactions to others. Who and Where is God, The Search that has Led Humanity to Violence traces the history of what these differences have wrought in human suffering and ecological and gender imbalances. At the same time it points to ways in which the resulting dysfunctional energies and behaviors can be transformed into those which will more readily permit expression of the tenets of all religions, which are tolerance, love and compassion.

We must urgently be about the business of raising awareness about the real causes of conflict and then turn our attention to applying this knowledge, beginning with children.

Click for a review by Dr. William Gough, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Mind Being Research

Immunology of the Soul; The Paradigm for the Future

Published by DC Press
2445 River Tree Circle, Sanford, Florida, 32771, USA

ISBN: 1-929902-02-6

Available at Amazon.com

Immunology of the Soul is a most extraordinary book - one that raises questions about our abilities to not only protect the earth's children from physical diseases through immunisation, but to protect their souls from its sicknesses through spiritual immunisation. As Dr Ursula Anderson puts it, diseases of the soul are to be found in virtually every nook and cranny on this planet. No place is immune. It is her thought that all life depends on energy in all of its infinite frequencies and since it abounds in every culture and society, why not raise the question of negative energies - those that lead to dysfunction and disease - and how they can be altered and made positive.

This book is the first to point the way BEYOND THE GENOME to the next great discovery that scientists are addressing - what turns the Genome on and what controls it.

As the originator of the concept of immune systems for the mind and soul, and by using what has been described as an extraordinary ability to straddle boundaries between science and spirituality, leaving both spheres enriched, the author has in this tour de force given the world a new vision and a new hope for it's future. The messages of Immunology of the Soul are not only urgent and on target for now but leave a road map along which future generations would do well to travel.

Click for a detailed synopsis of Immunology of the Soul

The Psalms of Children; Their Songs and Laments, Understanding and Healing the Scars on the Souls of Children

Published by She-Bear Publications
PO Box 503, Ellicottville, New York, 14731, USA

ISBN: 0-9655435-0-1

Available at Amazon.com

In their times the Psalmists of the scriptures were the chronicleers of life and purveyors of advice on how to live it. The title of this ground-breaking book derives from the authors belief that children are the Psalmists of today.

But who is listening?

All too frequently criticised by the adults and systems that exercise power over them, children are, in fact, telling the world how to restore order and reduce violence, through their words, behaviours and the daunting dilemmas they face in their lives - which so often are none of their doing.

She asks: What if we could find the switch to turn off the violence in our world? What if we discovered that the keys to ending the generation-upon-generation cyclic nature of violence are forged within the smallest of children, the new-born and the yet to be born? And, what if we fully understood that the quality of the memories of these early experiences become the chemistry and energy of later behaviour, as well as the many layered conciousness by which the adults that these children become, perceive and react to the world around them?

The Psalms of Children is a provocative new look at the fascinating and exciting possibilities - if we, as a society, can tend to the souls of children.

Click for a detailed synopsis of The Psalms of Children

Taking Out the Violence: Shedding Light on the Science and Soul of Human Behavior

Published by Book Guild Ltd
Temple House, 25 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2LU, UK

ISBN: 1-85776-770-5

Available at Amazon.com

At a time when the world is reeling from the violence thrust upon it, this volume offers new insights into the answers being sought to the question being universally asked: why such violence and terror should exist? The issues of violence, in particular that done to and by children, and the learning and behavioral difficulties that so often accompany it, are written about in a story telling manner, with the aim of making them easily understood and thereby helping to slow the momentum of a human kind apparently bent on destroying itself.

The serious mismatch between our current beliefs about the causes of these problems and the methods being used to redress them, as measured by their statistically massive failure, quite clearly indicates that we have been missing something very fundamental in these equations. We are rapidly moving into knowledge about the roles of memory and consciousness and their energies in human behavior. Thus the time is right to engage general awareness about how they play relentlessly into every function and dysfunction of body, mind and soul and the belief systems of culture and religion that drive their energies in human thought and behavior and thus, inter-actions with other.

This book is an indispensable and thought-provoking guide for those involved with children, the adults they become and the future of the earth and her inhabitants.

Click for a detailed synopsis of Taking Out the Violence

Weeds and Seedlings

Published by Winston Derek Publishers Inc.
PO Box 90883, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203, USA

ISBN: 1-85776-770-5

Available at Amazon.com

The texture of Dr. Anderson's poetry weaves its song to the universe through her love of nature and keen observations of the human scene, powerful gifts and a vision so compete the reader is invited to more dearly appreciate the varied tapestry of life and the meaning and message of its every hue and nuance.

This beautifully illustrated volume presents twenty-eight of her over 300 poems, all touching the widest range of human emotion and experience. The titles double as a further poem of commentary on life and living in the twentieth century and also serve as an eloquent testimony to the LOVE, FAITH, and HOPE that have been the centerpiece in the life of this gifted and remarkable woman.


ISBN: 0-9655435-2-8

In so many ways each and every human life is about CONNECTIONS; both those that are to our conscious knowing, as well as those less tangible but which nevertheless tie us to our origins. Feeling connected to family is extremely important for our well-being, and during childhood it is essential for healthy development of body, mind and soul. Be this as it may, too often we perceive our connections to be just family, friends, and acquaintances, yet our deepest connections lie far beyond - indeed, even to the beginning of time.

This book of poetic reflections is a brief chronicle of how one soul has perceived the wonder of Creation and Life, as well as the conflicts it presents.

This volume adds to a previous volume of poetry entitled Weeds and Seedlings, in which these and other themes were explored in a slightly different way. It is also the 2nd in a trilogy of books I have recently written and had published and is thus, itself, a connection between The Psalms of Children; Their Songs and Laments and The Immunology of the Soul.

Still Thoughts

Private Circulation

Life is like a river, travelling from its source in Eternal Energy to its end in the ocean of Eternity. Along the way, there is constant change in its ebb and flow, sometimes smooth, tranquil and peaceful, sometimes bumpy as it plays out its dance of inner and outer dis-quiet. In these times, as it tumbles and sprays over rocks and dips into unseen valleys it almost seems as though it has forgotten its source yet it flows through all of it to continue its journey to the end. Just like us, who as we approach journeys end look back with awe and wonder at the ever changing textures and colours that have woven the tapestry of our lives. Within these memories there runs a thread of yearning, that the caution engendered by the experience of living would yet have allowed us to share more deeply with those who have added to the colour and texture of our life's tapestry.

This little volume is a gesture of loving gratitude to so many who were a part of my journey but to whom I may at times have seemed reclusive. If so, through all of my openness and givingness, it was a protective response of my soul that was born and lived beyond its cultural time with all the hazards that this entailed. So now at journeys end I offer some vingettes that open the windows on some of my STILL THOUGHTS, gathered from over 40 years that were always at the center of my life.



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