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Dr. Ursula Anderson

Presently, she is involved in developing and participating in projects whose intent is not only to decrease suffering and violence in the world but simultaneously to engender a sense of loving belongingness in the heart and soul of every child and the adults they become, such as the one briefly described below:

Statement of Purpose

To provide a haven of respite for the families of chronically ill, handicapped and deceased children. Families are parents, siblings and extended family. Non relative care-givers may also be included.

To render appropriate spiritual and psycho/social counseling in order to alleviate distress and lessen, and if not also to prevent long term and inter-generational negative sequalae consequent to the stress inherent in these situations.

To provide comprehensive psycho/social and spiritual counseling to children deprived of family for whatever reason, who have been abused, verbally, psychologically, and sexually. When possible to include family and care-givers in the program.

Therapies other than behavioral correction of the individual are being employed. There are many modalities but all focus on healing the psyche and ego trauma that causes the dysfunction. Emphasis is also being placed on trans-generational treatment given that we now have knowledge of the trans-generational effects of emotional disorder.

She is also involved in establishing a training program for credentialed counselors and other professionals in the Art and Science of Soul and Energy Therapy and Bioresonance.

The curriculum for this program is presently being developed and it is intended to be a national program. The need for such a program is based on new understanding of the psycho-dynamics of behavioral, emotional, and affective disorders coincidentally as there has been a profound turning away from the psycho-analytic and behavioral approaches to their management.

In addition, she is involved in producing a puppet show designed to raise awareness about the real causes of human behavioral dysfunction. It is intended to create a visual exploration with accompanying spoken narrative of the genetic and environmental influences that together interact to create what we now refer to as INNER SCIENCE, and how the power of the energies of memory and consciousness which are at its center contribute to the formation of human personality. It aims to de-escalate Violence and promote Peace in the hearts and minds and souls of individuals by shedding LIGHT on the SCIENCE and SOUL of human behavior and its antecedents in thoughts and feelings.

Having been in the human arena for so long she realizes that pioneering new ideas and programs requires community and political, as well as professional support. Orchestrating such changes, altering entrenched belief systems and practices, and then engaging and coordinating the necessary support, while never easy and often frustrating, is not impossible.

Each and all of the reviewers of her books, as well as the therapists who use her modalities of healing have called for her recommendations to be implemented NOW, before the particular DNA of pain and its energies are passed to another generation. This calls not only for the passionate commitment of society to this end but for the urgency of it being incorporated in the curricula in schools, colleges, and graduate schools worldwide. These recommendations are further delineated in a book entitled Taking Out the Violence, Shedding Light on the Science and Soul of Human Behavior, published in Spring 2003.


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