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Dr. Ursula Anderson

From her childhood in England during World War II, and the frequent and often nightly bombing that occurred at that time, which memories vividly remain with her, to the over forty years she has served humankind as Physician, Pediatrician, Mental Health Specialist and Counselor as well as Public Health Innovator and expert, Dr. Anderson's life has been and continues to be rich in encounter, experience and giving.

A physician with many degrees and diplomas, and three specialties, she regards Pediatrics as her primary clinical specialty which together with the other two have served to frame the soul of humankind as her field of endeavor. This has been aided and abetted by a lifelong interest and fascination with ENERGY in its legion of forms and frequencies and its influence on the healthy functioning of Body Mind and Soul. In fact, as a very young physician she worked for a time with Dr. Michael Ash of Harley Street, London, a modern pioneer and consultant in radionics.

A leader in the many splendoured art of healing and a pioneering purveyor of ideas, decades ahead of their time, her logo eloquently states the premise on which she believes the healthy future of mankind depends. It represents body, mind and soul intertwined and so closely interdependent that what affects one, affects all three. Springing from the core of their indivisible unity is a red rose, the universal symbol of hope and love, the means whereby the trinity of body mind and soul can be enriched and when necessary transformed.

Personal Biography
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