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Dr. Ursula Anderson

Dr. Ursula Anderson, M.D. is an internationally recognized physician whose pioneering work, research and publications in pediatrics, mental health, preventive medicine and public health have been recognized and applied world-wide.

In addition to her private practice and academic appointments, Dr. Ursula Anderson has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland and to several national and international organizations.

Energy Medicine

For the past several years she has drawn attention to and written about the pivotal role of Energy in human health and behavior and it's particular use and role in the management of many childhood disorders. Examples are as follows:

  1. Her insights into the role of ENERGY, described in detail in her writings, makes it clear that effective intervention in the cycle of human dysfunction, will require not only the laying aside of erroneous beliefs systems about it's causation, but a new awareness and its application to the fundamental and dynamic role that energy and its infinity of frequencies play in the dances, both inner and outer, of the individual and collective consciousness of the human trinity of Body, Mind and Soul. It is the Pirouette beyond the Genome but dependant on it.

    To this end by combining her own clinical experience, observations and research with science, spirituality, and religion, she has developed a unique concept of the roots of human disorder and dysfunction, and describes how the memories and energies that ignite them, are passed from generation to generation.

    These insights offer a deeper understanding of human consciousness and embrace the forces within it that drive the energies of health and ill health. She explains this interplay in regard to Mental Health, Women's Health, Stress Disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as the belief systems that lead to problems with trans-personal interactions and violence. These issues are amongst others that are of current interest and importance.

    Also, and perhaps ground breaking, is her explanation of how memories and energies within the genes interplay with the memories and energies within body, mind, and soul, when this trinity is challenged by and engaged with "The General Adaptation Syndrome", which latter is often referred to as the Stress Response. By so doing it brings new light to bear on why unrelieved stress precedes the onset of many diseases and dysfunctions said to be 85-90% of all such conditions which then of course becomes a large part of "WHY we ARE, the WAY we ARE," the title of another of her forthcoming books.

    Because these interactions of memories and energies are so intertwined with "The Stress Response," this of itself sets the stage for the amelioration, and even prevention of many disorders. This can be done by teaching individuals cyber-biological, i.e. self-regulatory techniques that assist in restoring dysfunctional energies to functional parameters. She is a proponent of teaching such techniques to very young children and believes this should become an integral part of school curricula. All of the above is addressed in some detail in her books as are other modalities that assist in restoring functional energies such as:

  2. The use of Imagery and Visualization and other modalities to change energy from dysfunctional to functional frequencies and other modalities.

  3. The use of the Energies of Light and Color in healing physical, emotional, and behavioral disorders, particularly those of children.

At a time when there is great concern about the failure to stem the rising tide of abuse and violence world wide, her work renders HOPE, based on the new perspectives she gives of what really constitutes LIFE, SOUL and SCIENCE and their inter-dependance.

This is a concept of utmost importance, given the recent mapping of the human genome. Understandably, following the announcement of this majestic work, it has been assumed by many, as it was when it was initially announced, that the Genome would provide the answers to human disease and dysfunction. However, the belief that genes are ultimate destiny is not on target. We are still at the threshold of discovering what turns them on and off and why for example with the same genome, one of identical twins will exhibit certain diseases and dysfunctions and the other will not. I am sure we will find the answers down the motorways of energy's many functions in the trinity of Mind, Body, and Soul. Insight into the possible mechanisms of same are discussed in the books herein described.

Further Information

Click on the links above for more information about the messages of hope and practical solutions she offers to a world in need of healing its Soul.

Each and all of the renowned reviewers of her books, as well as the therapists who use her modalities of healing have called for her recommendations to be implemented NOW, before the particular DNA of pain and its energies are passed to another generation. This calls not only for the passionate commitment of society to this end but for the urgency of it being incorporated in the curricula in schools, colleges, and graduate schools world-wide.


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